Secret Revealed – I’m Not Atrios

In my day job I wrote an article that is published over at History News Network. I’ll write about that article in a separate piece very soon.

Seeing the Forest has been an anonymous blog. I previously wrote,

I want this to be a weblog ABOUT, not a weblog BY. I think I have some good reasons for that. First and foremost this focuses criticism to content. I mean this limits a critic’s ability to attack the content by attacking & attempting to discredit the author – a favored right-wing technique. If you don’t know who the author is you’re stuck with having to look at the content and argue with that. Too bad.

I’m not saying that I expect to be writing anything worthy of right-wingers taking note. My second reason is more that this is NOT an ego-based endeavor so why put my name on it.

But in my day job I’m publishing articles that I write because I think the subject matter is important. Publications identify the authors of articles. When I link to articles I’ve written readers learn my name.

Should Seeing the Forest remain an anonymous blog, for the reasons above? Should I continue to use “IssuesGuy,” and you’ll also know who I am? Would it be stupid to continue writing pieces here and leaving comments on other weblogs as “IssuesGuy.” If Bush gets to have everything both ways then why can’t I?

Meanwhile Ive been told now that they have a name tied to the all-important Seeing the Forest weblog, Karl Rove is personally supervising the dirt-digging operation. Reporters are gathering on my lawn. Teenage girls are swooning. Hollywood producers are sending me scripts.

I wish.