Second thoughts way too late

Recently we’ve seen sharp criticisms of Rumsfeld from Sens. Lugar, McCain, and Lott, as well as William Kristol of the Weekly Standard. The Kerik disaster likewise seems to be drawing a bit of criticism from mainstream Republicans.

What is this BS? Two months ago all those people were working their little butts off trying to reelect the man responsible for appointing Rumsfeld and Kerik. Just recently, President Bush gave Rumsfeld as strong a vote of confidence as any President could ever give anyone — keeping him on board while firing most of his critics. The real problem here is George W. Bush, not Rumsfeld or Kerik.

This looks worse than “buyer’s remorse”. It looks more as if, before the election, all these people were already aware that Bush has been a disaster and isn’t going to improve any, but were all too cowardly (or too greedy) to risk opposing him. But now that he’s been elected, and now that what they say will make little difference, they’re going to try to recover their reputations with these little symbolic gestures.

As far as I am concerned, no one who contributed to Bush’s 2004 election should ever be forgiven. I don’t feel quite as strongly about those who failed to oppose the most recent Iraq War, but a bit more contrition on their part would be quite appropriate.

Update: Carla had about the same idea.