Schwarzenegger and Enron.

Thomas Leavitt has some juicy stuff from the Enron tapes down below, so I thought I’d dig out the old stuff about Schwarzenegger and Enron.

Schwarzenegger met with Enron shortly before the election. It’s impossible for me to believe that he was not actively complicit in the looting of Calfornia and the fake energy crisis. There should be another recall, but there won’t be.

Everyone hates Grey Davis, but (at least in the end) he actually did a fairly good job fighting Enron — the voters just preferred to elect one of the bad guys. The Schwarzenegger election was one of the worst ever. Even without the Enron meeting, Schwarzenegger was a total fake.

And it was the moderates who elected him — the right wing had their own wacko candidate, who got about 15%. The goddamn Kennedy family even pitched in, or some of them anyway. It was completely, completely depressing.

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