I’m listening to Talk of the Nation on NPR. They have a guy from the Heritage Foundation on, talking about why the huge “Information Awareness” database is a good thing and nothing to worry about. This is the Pentagon database that will track everything you purchase, every bank and credit card transaction, and who knows what else.

The Heritage Foundation is the core of the far-right “movement.” It’s the Rush Limbaugh of think tanks. It is where the most partisan, right-wing propaganda comes from. Why would someone from the Heritage Foundation be sent out to talk up this database of info on Americans? The Heritage Foundation is about REPUBLICAN CHRISTIAN RIGHT POLITICS! The Heritage Foundation would not be interested in this if it were not about furthering the right-wing movement.

They put John Poindexter in charge of it, and they send people out from the Heritage Foundation to defend it. That tells you everything you need to know. A hard rain’s gonna fall.