Scary Avian Flu News

World Health Organization: China Engaging In Bird Flu Cover Up

However this variant has mutated into the most lethal strain of influenza ever recorded…
[. . .] Further complicating the effort to combat H5N1, it was reported that the People’s Republic of China has been illegally administering the medication Amantadine to poultry; the result has been that the virus is now largely immune to the medication and is significantly deadlier. World Health Organization officials had been preparing to use the drug to fight a future pandemic and now it has been rendered useless.
[. . .] Three outbreaks of H5N1 have affected China in recent months but the World Health Organization has not received the information or the virus samples from infected birds that they requested. “It is a matter of urgency,” said Roy Wadia, the WHO’s speaker in China. “We stress that this virus is highly unpredictable and versatile and can change any time. It is highly dangerous.”

2 thoughts on “Scary Avian Flu News

  1. China’s covering up as usual. The SARS and AIDS wouldn’t have been as big of a problem as they were/are if they had been honest and told people what they needed to know.
    I’m having a major deja’vu experience now for some odd reason…

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