Scam E-mail

A friend received the following e-mail.

From: [email protected]

Subject: PayPal information UPDATE. *URGENT*

Dear Paypal Member Case #840650,

We have worked hard to help your Paypal experience be even better. However, we have to ask aII our members for updated\correct biIIing information. PIease be advised this is mandatory. lf we do not get your updated biIIing information, your account wiII be revoked and put under review and may be canceIIed. Before we start we will need you to provide us with your email address and password. To send us that info please visit our Secure Site Paypal Billing Site

She wants to know what law enforcement agency this can be reported to. Does anyone know?

IMPORTANT – In case you don’t “get it,” do not go to this website and provide your account and password!