SBC DSL And Really, Really, Really, Really Bad Service

At home I have a cable modem, and I love it. It’s fast and never has problems.

But at work we have DSL from SBC. It used to work OK, but in the last few months we have had intermittent service problems. All day long the connection is off and on. It will go off for a few seconds, then come back for a while. Sometimes it goes off for 10 second three times a minute. Sometimes it goes off for a minute, comes on for ten seconds, then goes out again. Like I said, this has been going on for months.

I call SBC tech support, and they “ping” the modem and tell me everything is working OK. We must have a virus. I e-mail tech support and get back a form letter telling us we must have a virus. They have a tech support chat room, but it never connects. For a while they took tech support off of their phone system, instead providing a message telling everyone they have a virus.

Yesterday I finally got through to a tech support person who cared, and spent quite a bit of time with her, working on this. It turns out we have a line problem. (Duh!) But after quite some time, she informed me that the “Line Department” refuses to “open a ticket” to fix intermittent line problems. New policy – they just don’t fix intermittent line problems. Period. She said she went past procedure to talk to the line department at all and couldn’t take this any further without risking her job.

Anyone reading this, don’t get DSL. Try not to do business with SBC (except that they are the phone company here.) Get a cable modem – DSL sucks, and is much slower than cable. Pass this on.