Save the Baby Or the Freezer?

I don’t know if you have heard this pro-choice and pro-stem-cell-research riddle: Suppose there is a fire at a fertility clinic. In one room is a freezer with 100 embryos. In another room is a baby. Now, suppose you have only enough time to enter ONE room. Do you save the baby, or the freezer?
The Republican case is that you must save the freezer, not the baby, because there are 100 “babies” in the freezer and only one in the other room. Burn, baby, burn.
With Republican government in mind, I want to put this a different way. If someone goes in and saves the baby instead of the freezer, do you prosecute? Republicans would prosecute you for saving the baby.
Here’s what I want you to do. There is an election coming. In your local Congressional districts, please show up at a “meet the candidate” event and ASK the Republican candidate if they would save the baby or the freezer. Demand a clear answer. Write letters to you local newspaper’s “letters to the editor” asking the Republican candidate to put their answer on the record – baby or freezer?

1 thought on “Save the Baby Or the Freezer?

  1. “Embryos = fetus = baby” is the anti-abortion crowd’s One Percent Doctrine.
    Dick Cheney’s One Percent Doctrine says that any catastrophic event with even a 1% chance of occurring must be treated as a certainty.
    The equivalent to the hypo here, in a Dick Cheney world, would be, “If in one room you had 10 switches, and each switch led to a nuke with a 1% chance of going off unless you hit that switch, and in another room there was a single switch leading to a nuke with a 100% chance of going off unless you hit it, and you could only go to one room, which room do you go to?”
    Easy answer, right? Not even a neocon would argue against that, right?! Only if you toss out the 1% doctrine, that is. The solution here is also based on a really a simple hypo. On a grander scale, though, the policy decisions by this administration reflect the absolute stupidity encapsulated in choosing the room with 10 switches.

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