Sanctuary Mansions and Conspiracy Highways

I’m watching the authoritarian Republican debate. Giuliani just accused Romney of not only having “Sanctuary Cities” in Massachusetts, but of having a “Sanctuary Mansion” by hiring undocumented workers himself.
And Ron Paul, wow – black helicopters started flying out of his ears, talking about a conspiracy highway between Mexico and Canada…
Question – Spending is out of control. NAME the top three programs you would cut. Will we hear an actual answer?
Thompson – “Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,” then, “No I didn’t say that.”
Ron Paul – Education, Energy and Homeland Security. And Defense.
Huckabee – Get rid of the IRS, bring in the “Fair Tax”. Homeland Security.
None of the others were asked to answer.
A bunch of white guys talking about black crime – and the answer is that those people need more moms and dads. I’m so tough on crime…
Romney mentions “I didn’t have a police commissioner.” I wonder what he meant by that?
It is really irritating how only one or two of the candidates are asked to answer any question.
Huckabee came across as the honest candidate. I really don’t understand the Republican base but I suspect he’ll be way ahead after tonite. But the Ron Paul appeal could well have been enhanced.