Salon Voting Machines Story

This story, Bad grades for a voting-machine exam, talks about how the tests of the systems aren’t sufficient and the machines are not necessarily secure, etc…

But you know? None of that matters to me. I don’t CARE how much testing is done of whether they tell me the machines are secure. It all boils down to this: If I can’t see something on paper that shows how I voted so I can see that it is recorded correctly, and that paper goes into a secure ballot box so it can be counted separately from what the machine says, then nothing they tell me matters. There is no reason to believe or not believe what they TELL me. What I will believe is what I see with my own eyes, and I am a citizen and it is MY vote, and not someone else’s place to tell me my vote is OK. I mean, I am the citizen, and I want to know my vote is OK. I want to see it for mySELF. I don’t want someone ELSE telling me my vote is OK. It’s not their vote, it’s MY vote.

And if I CAN see for myself that MY vote is recorded on paper in a separate ballot box, then I don’t CARE if the machines are secure or tested. THE SEPARATE BALLOT IS THE SECURITY AND THE TEST.