Saddam’s capture

It is good that Saddam has been captured. Saddam is a monster who deserves to be tried for his crimes.

Atrios warns us to be on the lookout for someone in the media to try and link Saddam’s capture in some way to 9/11.

Well, nothing like that as of yet.

However, we do have this braindead story from the SCLM about how this development “roils” the presidential race for the Democrats.

Say what?

It’s not like Saddam’s capture will change anything at all on the ground in Iraq.

Holy cow.

What a transparently pro-Bush story.

Not that I’m surprised or anything.

Tom Spencer

Update:Think this guy will be wishing he hadn’t said this a month from now?:

“I think the way we captured Saddam Hussein and the fact that he gave up without a fight will take the oxygen out of a certain kind of resistance,” CBS News Analyst Fouad Ajami, a Middle East scholar, tells Dan Rather. “When the man himself in this hole in the ground gives himself up without a fight it’s very difficult to enlist jihadists – kids from Saudi Arabia, Syria, etc. – who will come to Iraq to fight and die for the cause.”

Don’t bet on it folks.

Update 2: The RNC’s talking points on Saddam’s capture, disguised as a news story, are right here.

Terrifying, eh?