3 thoughts on “Saddam Hanged

  1. I have a very weird feeling about this. This invites an awful lot of hubris. What are the odds that Bush could be tried and hanged for war crimes? Saddam didn’t think this could happen to him, either.

  2. Well for sure Saddam can’t talk about any secrets now. Remember the handshake with Rumsfeld? That happened around the same time as the executions for which Saddam was hanged.
    Just sayin…

  3. Very good point, Dave. Saddam isn’t going to tell any secrets now to anybody.
    What a weird week, and what weird timing! Here in NYC, we’ve not only got to put up with the hysteria about the Ford funeral, but also the hysteria over the death of James Brown, white carriage drawn by white horses and all. Sure, he was a well loved musician and performer and I loved him, too. But does every moment of both of these extended funerals have to be televised day after day? Plus there’s the excesses planned for New Years Eve in Times Square, for which the weather’s gonna be absolutely perfect. What’s this have to do with the hanging of Saddam? There’s no better set-up for a terrorist attack, with millions gathered in NYC and in Washington, and no better incentive than the US inspired hanging of Saddam. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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