RW Sites – Racist Scorn For Those Protesting Nazis

Post-New Orleans the codewords continue, this time in support of actual Nazis. From The Politial Teen,

Earlier this afternoon, a neo-Nazi group had planned a march to protest the recent black on white violence in Toledo. However this protest was quickly broken up by many unhappy African-Americans and whites. This “counter-protest” quickly turned into a group of violent people who set fires and looted homes and business.

And, for those in the Republican coalition who prefer their racism overt rather than code-worded, another site says that the counter-protesters are confirming racist stereotypes: Note to Gangsters: When You’re Protesting Racists’ Stereotypes, Be Sure Not to CONFIRM THEM,

…and in other news, another group of racists marched in Washington without the objects of their protest rioting, attacking or looting in response.

Yep, them darkies and their rioting and looting…

3 thoughts on “RW Sites – Racist Scorn For Those Protesting Nazis

  1. For Those Protesting Nazis
    What does breaking into a business and stealing goods have to do with “protesting nazis”? This is the same old tired excuse for criminals. Just like stealing televisions and rims had anything to do with suriving a hurricane… or stealing electronics and liquor had anything to do with “protesting the Rodney King verdict”.
    They’re criminals, regardless if they’re black, white, red or yellow, when they break into a business to steal its merchandise.

  2. Jason,
    you’re not going to get someone from this political hate site to see reason and reality. These people are so caught up in their mental disorders to see that crime is crime regardless if it is committed by a white or black hand.

  3. I hope everyone realizes (I hope in vain, of course) that not every African-American condoned or participated in the illegal acts described. As someone offended by racism against ANYONE, I can honestly say that I have never burned, looted, fought with police, thrown an egg or a stone or otherwise participated in such shameful behavior. Hard as it may be for critics of this site to believe, neither have any of my fellow “ethnic” friends or family done so.
    While I would ask this site not to imply that violence is a proper response to Nazi marches, I would also ask uninformed bigots (redundant, I know) to stop painting every brown-skinned person with the same foul brush.

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