RW Attacks On United Churches of Christ

GOTV: United Church of Christ under attack. Go read about it at GOTV.
Update – Some background on the Right’s efforts to split mainstream denominations here. And another here talking about an attack on the UCC by David Horowitz, citing the UCCTruths site – but my own snooping around tells me that Horowitz might be connected to them.

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  1. Very strange stuff Dave. You have to wonder if this kind of nonsense is sanctioned by Ken Mehlman or if the Sciavo wingnuts have gone completely off the deep end. . . . I should say even further off the deep end. . . . Is there a cliff at the bottom of the ocean somewhere?

  2. The fundamentalist churches were founded in the first place as an effort to get back to the “fundamentals,” in opposition to exactly these same churches now under attack because of their “liberalism” and interest in social causes. You can find “The Fundamentals” posted on line if you want to read them. The hard-nosed fundamentalists have carried things far beyond what the original fundamentalists had in mind when they started the movement, but the targets are still essentially the same. In other words this isn’t exactly new news, but getting a lot more dangerous than it was a century or so ago because they’re now much more militant, and had the success of taking over the huge Southern Baptist church.
    The Episcopal church, for example, supports the ordination of women (the church close to me has a woman pastor) and is especially active in supporting gay rights, including gay marriage. They recently appointed an openly gay bishop, which has caused something of a split in Episcopal ranks and may make them vulnerable. All these churches had better watch their backs. It’s all too easy to pack the membership, just as school boards were taken over across the country.

  3. I suspect that there is going to be a backlash in the Republican Party against the fundies. Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman still probably believe they can control and manipulate them for political gain, but eventually Wall Street Republicans are going to start kicking back because their secular agenda is being threatened just as much as the liberal agenda.

  4. Actually it was researching it that made me think it’s another Horowitz operation. Go look at where all the stuff on UCCTruths gets repeated. Almost always Horowitz-connected operations.

  5. “Go look at where all the stuff on UCCTruths gets repeated.”
    OK… Googled “UCCtruths” (,GGLG:2005-47,GGLG:en&q=UCCtruths)
    Here is what comes up…
    2. Yahoo group(not a Horowitz-related site)
    3. Source Watch (not a Horowitz-related site)
    4. Chuck Currie (not a Horowitz-related site)
    5. Blogger (not a Horowitz-related site)
    6. forum (not a Horowitz-related site)
    7. (not a Horowitz-related site)
    8. Disinfopedia (not a Horowitz-related site)
    9. Seeing the Forest (lol – not a Horowitz-related site)
    10. Little Green Footballs (not a Horowitz-related site)
    11. Cnfessing Christ Yahoo group (not a Horowitz-related site)
    12. Free Republic (not sure if it’s a Horowitz-related site)
    13. (not a Horowitz-related site)
    And the list goes on… really, you didn’t do any research on this did you? You just went to Chuck Currie’s site, recycled his content and then made a broad (and wrong) generalization.

  6. Gary –
    When doing research you have to learn how to filter out the irrelevant. Most of your list is UCCTruths itself (blogger, yahoo group, ucctruth) and the rest are mostly about UCC truths. Look for who is ECHOING the site and then look at who those are really fronts for. Many of the echoes are FrontPage, etc. Horowitz operations. And then there are the organizations funded by the same crowd that uses Horowitz as a front.
    Aside from sites like SourceWatch writing ABOUT the RW attack, WorldMag is connected site through having the same funders and agenda, Little Green Footballs is another “conservative movement” site, Free Republic also. Go further down the Google list and you get Acton which is another, Solomonia credits Horowitz as its inspiration, various “Soros-tracking” sites which are “conservative movement” funded or outright anti-Jewish sites (or both). Some of the sites are from the “conservative movement”-funded operation to split mainstream denominations funded by the same crowd that funds Horowitz… it just goes on like that.

  7. You can’t connect UCCtruths to them simply because those other sites echo UCCtruths any more than your site could be connected to UCCtruths or Chuck Currie for the same reasons. What if International A.N.S.W.E.R. linked to one of your posts… would that make you a communist or related to them? Of course not.
    Look at sources for information, that’s what’s important.
    As a side note… I informally know the guy that runs (James) – he has as much dislike for the Religious Right as he does the Religous Left and for the most part seems more Libertarian than anything else. If you read the site, he makes it pretty clear what happens when you mix religion and politics.

  8. Funded? How much does it cost to host a site? Less than $10 a months on I think James has a real job and the site is, more or less, a platform for opinion, like yours.

  9. Yes, funded. Who funds the site, and where does he work? AND how did Horowitz FIND what he had blogged on the site, AND how did so many other “conservative movement’ outlets get hold of what is written there. Did they just happen upon it?

  10. I’ll ask it in a more obvious way… what needs funding? A $10/month web site? He pays for it himself. I don’t know where he works, he’s as vague about it in his posts as you are in your bio. And a far as finding content on the internet that bloggers link to… most of it is found using search engines – there’s no mystery here. The fact that Horowitz linked to in a single post (out of all of his post’s) is hardly evidence of a link between the two. If anything, a single link suggests there is no relationship there. Look at all the links to other organizations and blogs on this very page – you don’t see that on UCCtruths. You don’t see any overt political endorsements like you do on this site or on Horowitz’s site.
    You asked “how did so many other “conservative movement’ outlets get hold of what is written there?”
    So many? What, the six sites you mention out of the whole web? You are making much sense.

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