Rush Says Iraq Troops Are “Phony Soldiers”

In recent days the Senate and then the House voted to condemn MoveOn for an ad that questioned General Petraeus’ statistics on improvements in Iraq. Many Democrats joined in the condemnation.
Yesterday Rush Limbaugh said that troops serving in Iraq are “phony soldiers.” From Media Matters – Limbaugh: Service members who support U.S. withdrawal are "phony soldiers"
Where are the Democrats who voted to condemn MoveOn? Why are they not demanding a vote to condemn Limbaugh for this? The Carpetbagger Report also wants to know.
Update – Considering that the Congress JUST voted to condemn MoveOn, there are a LOT of upset people. New additions, Crooks and Liars, Down With Tyranny, Cliff Schecter, TalkLeft, AmericaBlog, Digby (with a list of similar comments from Rush – all as yet not condemned by the Congress)