Rove to be indicted this week or next week

Hat tip to PacCollegeDem at MyDD, Rove to be indicted “this week or early next”.
The original story is by Joshua Frank at Dissident Voice:

Occasionally I get emails from Washington folks who work on the Hill claiming to possess juicy insider digs on our public servants and their corporate paymasters. I usually delete said emails, as I don’t want to be responsible for propagating dirty rumors or false information that can’t be corroborated. I’d rather let Judith Miller and the New York Times do that. Nonetheless, in the past 24 hours I have been contacted by three separate congressional Democrats in Washington, by email and later phone, who all say the same thing: Karl Rove is about to be indicted.

A Red State comment has been making the rounds, and treated with skepticism by those of us in the reality based community:

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has been leaked this information either. Over at Redstate, a right-wing Internet blog, one member who calls himself “Ohsure”, also claims that “[four] Great sources confirmed” the matter, and later added: “I not only don’t do this, I have never done this. But here it is; `Karl Rove will be indicted late this, or early next week.’ I’m trusting a source. So either I am made a [sic] into an overzealous horses a**, or…, I have good sources and may be more trusted to get these things right.”

Another hat tip to a community of Texas bloggers Come and Take It for a link to two articles that support the story at Prarie Weather. One over at Find Law by John Dean and one at Raw Story that both discuss the White House hiring private outside counsel.
This is a great month to be a Democrat.

6 thoughts on “Rove to be indicted this week or next week

  1. Are we being set up to be disappointed? I can’t imagine this actually happening.

  2. I have two words for you: Perjury. Perjury. Yes, it’s one word, repeated. But it’s an important word.
    Speculation follows:
    I’d suggest that Rove bent the truth too far in saying he had no involvment (or something else) before the grand jury. Cooper’s notes show that. Rove is indicted a la Martha Stewart. Not for the crime, but for lying about it.

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