Rove Lied To McClellan So Fire … McClellan

The National Review Online says that because White House Press Secretary McClellan might have let it be known he is upset that Rove lied to him, McClellan should be fired. Interesting Republican logic.

3 thoughts on “Rove Lied To McClellan So Fire … McClellan

  1. This week has been rife with interesting Republican logic. My favorite was the commentator who said that the war was really the Democrats’ fault because they let the Republicans fool them with manufactured intelligence.

  2. That, alas, is not so far from the truth. The war was a bipartisn endeavor, as is the continuing occupation. The only political entity that objects is the majority of the general populace, but they are of course TOTALLY irrlevant.

  3. Don’t forget the ongoing comedy of conservative┬ámedia lapdogs of for the Republicans, i.e. guys like Rush Limbaugh, crowing loudly about how Joseph and Valerie Wilson are the ones who should be the focus of Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation.

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