Rove Kept Security Leak To Himself????

The latest excuse, Reports: Rove Learned About CIA Officer’s Identity From Journalists.
OK, just for fun, suppose this is true that reporters called Rove telling him that Valerie Plame was a covert CIA operative. Why didn’t Rove immediately go to the proper authorities to warn them about a serious security leak? Should someone with judgement like that be at the very top of our government?

5 thoughts on “Rove Kept Security Leak To Himself????

  1. Reply to your question Dave: NO!! However, this administration gets away with absolutely everything.

  2. It is possible that Rove *did* report the breach.
    There is NO way that you, or I, or other non-cleared people would know if he did or did not.
    Though I doubt it. I’m just saying that this may not be a good argument for the left to use, so we ought to steer clear of it. There’s plenty of other good ones for now.
    Just remember:
    Bush said he’d fire any leaker.
    Rove leaked.
    We know those two indisputible things. Use them.

  3. I agree with Osama.
    I also think that the only proper response to the “good faith” excuses being floated now is “then why did it take 2 years, a criminal investigation, and the jailing of a reporter to get Rove to admit his involvement?”
    That sure doesn’t sound like someone acting with good intentions now, does it?

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