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At 3:30pm today, Frank Lautenberg will unveil a new ‘Web clock’ on the Rove-CIA leak scandal. The calendar will be on display and will be used by lawmakers to highlight the number of days that have passed since the White House leaked the identity of a CIA agent and the Republican controlled Congress hasn¹t held one single hearing on the issue. Additionally, the lawmakers will release a letter to Speaker Hastert and Majority Leader Frist demanding the Congress take action and begin an investigation.

From the Rove-CIA leak scandal clock page:

CIA Leak Case By the Numbers
Number of days after the article outing Ambassador Wilson’s wife appeared until the White House required its staff to turn over evidence relating to the leak: 85
Rough number of hours between when Alberto Gonzles gave Andy Card a heads-up about the investigation and when he formally told the staff to save their files: 12
Number of questions the Department of Justice asked the CIA to answer in detail before opening an investigation: 11
Number of D.C. Circuit Court judges who thought the issues involved in the Plame leak were serious enough to warrant jailing a reporter: 3
Number of D.C. Circuit Court Judges and Supreme Court Justices who disagreed: 0
Number of redacted pages in Judge Tatel’s opinion: 8
Minimum number of hearings held by Senate Republicans to investigate accusations against President Clinton involving the “Whitewater” case: 20
Total hearings held by Senate Republicans to investigate the leak of the covert identity of Ambassador Joseph Wilson’s wife: 0
Total briefings requested by Senate Republicans on the damage assessment conducted by the CIA after the Plame leak: 0

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