Rove and the CIA

I really think that Rove is in trouble, and that his loss will seriously reduce Bush’s ability to get much more of his program through. And that’s all good.
But I have to confess I’m taking much joy from the spectacle. For one thing, I really never thought it would ever be my task to defend the poor little CIA against bad people.
More seriously, when it becomes necessary for the executive branch to be investigated by special prosecutors, etc., it shows that the electoral system (and the media) really aren’t working very well. Nixon, Reagan, and Dubya all had obvious major deficiencies, but democracy was helpless against them.
If something like this was happening in a foreign country, we’d regard it as an internal power struggle going on secretly within the elite. And I think that that’s what we should think is happening right now.
Bush has followed the Humpty Dumpty strategy all along: screw things up so badly that they can’t be fixed. Even if he’s stopped now, he’s been very successful already.
What would cheer me up? Basically, the Democrats putting together a strong team with a non-accomodationist strategy, and an honest media springing up to compete with the media we’ve got now.

3 thoughts on “Rove and the CIA

  1. Sounds heavenly and to some extent, already happening. We have the lefty blogosphere media which has gained considerable credence of late. And, Air America, thank heavens. As to the Dems getting their act together, I would not hold my breath. I am beginning to believe it is time for more of a change than the Dems are willing to support.

  2. Yo! Your right , you are enjoying this too much…You’re right, maybe we should actually hope that the democratic party and its talkers and pundits would come up with a better way to fight the WH and its minions than to seek to criminalize an act that connects to a law that noone on the left supported (remember Agee?) when it was passed in 1982…Maybe Joe Wilson, who voted for two out of three Bushes remember, shouldnt become the new lib hero…maybe Bob Somerby is very right (Not right wing) when he says that he is a very flawed messanger who makes stuff up to justify his own swellness…and maybe we should all remember how bad it was and how mad we were back in 1998, when we all decried the criminilization of political disagreements…once again Krugman (and Somerby) seem to be the clearest thinkers….Bob, because he calls it Always as he sees it …and Krugman, because he has defined the present situation where noone ever seems to have any perspective or opinion that isnt justified by their side and their own herd’s hopes and wishes…and to the poster who said that he was `pulling his bookmark’ to the Daily Howler….I am sure that Bob is sooo heartbroken…

  3. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one with mixed feelings for the poor little CIA. It’s like watching two people you despise getting into a fight. It’s hard to care who wins.

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