Remember that we KNOW that “Bush’s Brain” Karl Rove talked to a reporter and disclosed that Valerie Wilson was a CIA agent. He was not indicted (today) because under the legal statutes that apply the charge is “hard to prove.”
We KNOW he blew the cover of an agent and we also know that he is still in the White House, still has a security clearance, and is still capable of blowing the covers of other agents. Great.

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  1. The way I understand it, Rove is saying that he didn’t break the law because he was trying to hurt Joe-it’s just politics.
    Assuming that Rove is telling the truth about that, wouldn’t it be a case of reckless endangerment? Out here in the real world, people get consequences for that kind of thing. Termination, fines, jail…

  2. Rove’s not off the hook yet. I dimly remember Fitzgerald from when he was a prosecutor here. He doesn’t indite until he’s certain he can win. And he files the easiest to prove charges first.

  3. I’m the furthest thing from a Rove apologist (personally, I’d love to see him frog-marched,) but I have to point out a flaw in granny’s case.
    Among the elements of criminal “reckless endangerment (in just about every state) is the need for some level of physical injury. Whatever level of injury Plame endured as a result of this treasonous act, it was in no way physical. An argument could be made that her missions were compromised by way of Rove’s acts, but even in that civil court case the victim would be the CIA (and by extension, the federal government,) and so that’s never going to happen.
    That said, if Rove knowing exposed Plame “trying to hurt Joe,” that’s not “just politics,” that’s a violation of US Code, if not treason.
    Like I said, I see frog-marches in my dreams.

  4. That’s just it, Blue State Bill, we cannot know that there hasn’t been some level of physical injury to somebody somewhere because of this vindictive outing of an undercover CIA agent who specialized in underground and back alley WMD programs.

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