Root Causes

Everyone is talking about how to modify The Plan. Don’t modify it, start from a new premise. The bailout plan bails out the crooks who caused the mess so throw them out don’t bail them out.
The problem is that people can’t pay their mortgages and credit card bills. The big financial firms are in trouble because they aren’t getting their payments.
So what about attacking the ROOT CAUSES of not being able to pay mortgages and credit card bills.
Health care: People get foreclosed on when they are hit with big health care bills. This is because of our failed health care system. If we put some money into fixing our health care system we would have fewer foreclosures AND we’d all get health care.
Concentration of wealth: People can’t pay their bills because most of the money in our economy goes to a few at the top of the food chain. The rest of us are the food. What about a 90% tax rate on incomes over maybe 2 million, and the money is applied to paying off mortgages and credit cards? That would bail out the financial system in a better way than just taxing everyone and giving the money to … well, to the few at the top.
Energy costs: Paying energy bills is another cause of people not meeting their mortgages and credit card bills. So what about imposing a carbon tax and using the money to help people retrofit their houses to be energy efficient, maybe even buy solar panels, etc.? THIS would address a ROOT CAUSE of not just the financial mess, but out trade imbalance and climate change.
Taking a constructive approach to this problem would bring us long-term benefits. Don’t just hand over all the rest of our money to a few at the top, let’s instead use that money to fix the problems that CAUSED this mess.
ADDRESS ROOT CAUSES. Don’t just give the Bush cronies authority to hand out checks to the rich.