Right Wingers Going To Iraq!

Atrios links to FOXNews.com Critics Call Radio Hosts’ Trip Propaganda Mission.
This is a well-written, fair story. I have to congratulate these right-wing talk-show hosts for taking a risk and putting themselves where their mouths are. Good for them.
I wonder what will happen if this is for real and they actually DO get away from the carefully-guarded hotels? Are they really going to try to go places without military escorts, or is this just a lie? And if they really are going to try to do that, I hope they’re right that Iraq is better than is being reported. If something happens to one of these high-profile people while in Iraq it could have a devastating effect on anti-terrorism efforts.

10 thoughts on “Right Wingers Going To Iraq!

  1. If something happens to one of these high-profile people while in Iraq it could have a devastating effect on anti-terrorism efforts.
    How’s that?

  2. Oh, the Wurlitzer is going to Kuwait(!) before they go to the the (Green Zone)only secure place in the country.
    Dave, tell those pitiful creeps that it’s a sad day indeed when they have to push every good deed our side has done. We expect the best from them and when they do wrong it should be very big news.

  3. The story has a few obvious errors, for example, they assert Peter Beinart is left-leaning.

    This reminds me of a big propaganda tour done by Sinclair Media a year or so ago. That weisenheimer who does “The Point” declared he would go to Iraq and find the good news stories that the MSM wasn’t publicising. His cameraman did all the footwork digging up “good news” stories (which unsurprisingly were all taking place inside the Green Zone) and then he taped his standup intros in front of his hotel dressed in borrowed military fatigues.

    And then things really went to hell all over Iraq.

  4. Did I mention that Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward is nothing more than a Stupid Ditz? She was on Crossfire last year when Fahrenheit 9/11 was about to be released when she said it was just a bunch of left wing propaganda and she hadn’t even seen it.

  5. Robert Redford urges journalists to investigate Bu

    Really? Now there is an idea that I’ll bet no one on the editorial staffs of The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Time, Newsweek,

  6. What are you all talking about? If the Truth Tour fails, you get your wish and we end up with a left winger in the white house at the next opportunity. If they prove that there is good, then you win again. You get to pat every democrat and left winger on the back and extoll their virtues because they were fence riding like most Iraqis. Here is some free advice – go back home to your hemp, shave your legs and underarms, get a haircut and come join me in Iraq. I am already here and see the good – you refuse to believe it. And lady – Farenheit 911 was a sham that most ppl will believe because so many ppl in the media procalimed it as viable. It is out of context and out of sequence.

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