Right-Wing War Against The Press Reaches Into Military

Bloggers who are in the military and disagree with the Republican Party agenda are punished.
But other soldiers, supporting the Republican war against our Constitution’s guarantee of a free press, are allowed to continue. See Firepower Forward: Are Journalism and Patriotism Mutually Exclusive?

They [Newsweek] have taken to dropping the “Al” and referring to the ultra-extremist terror sponsoring organization as just “Queda”. Kind of a nick name between buddies. But then why wouldn’t these two organizations be on the best of terms? After all, it was Newsweek that spawned the rioting in Afghanistan which killed 19 people over the stories of Koran desecration at Guantanemo Bay which were exaggerated at best.
[. . .] It’s clear that Newsweek’s intent with this article is to sow doubt and malcontent about our progress in Afghanistan. This is precisely the intent of the Taliban’s information campaign. … The Schismatics in Dante’s “Inferno”, those who sowed discord during their lifetime, were punished throughout eternity in the 7th circle of hell by being cleaved nearly in two then allowed to heal before the process is repeated. I would like to think that I am not a vindicative person, but someone will have to explain to me why I should not wish this punishment on the likes of Newsweek.

So the press is “buddies” with al Queda and helps kill American soldiers… Do posts like this encourage the ongoing killing of journalists in Iraq?
Also see Targeting Journalists below.

2 thoughts on “Right-Wing War Against The Press Reaches Into Military

  1. Targeting Journalists

    In Journalists and the Military a right-wing blog puts voice to what the Right means with their “liberal media” accusations.At some point, you have to pick sides. Not choosing a side is choosing not to be on our side.In otherwords,…

  2. Actually, I’ve been following quite a few blogs over the last few months and seen a few either forced shut down or scared/pressured into “voluntarily” shutting down.
    From what I can tell, it depends every much who your commander is, how much he/she cares about blogs/the internet and of course who complains and how much.
    Kevin Kelly for example appears to have ‘voluntarily’ quit blogging after getting chewed out (and if I read between the lines a bit threatened) by his CO. His blog was really profoundly inoffensive and if he has any political bias it’d be conservative.
    I suspect no detailed rules or precedents will emerge until someone who is prosecuted for blogging insists on a court martial. The distinction (assuming US military law is similar to Canadian military law) is that nonjudicial punishment is basically agreed to by both the offender and the CO, it protects the troop’s record and has lower maximum consequences than a court martial. It does however leave the judgement in the hands of local officers who are not necessarily enforcing or punishing consistently by any means. A buddy of mine got a non-judicial that was totally out of line and beat the charge totally at court martial (I think the officer responsible was even reprimanded). On the other hand, my buddy was burning his bridge with that unit by doing so and paid for it later regardless of the fact that military justice found him to be in the right.

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