Right-wing Traitors

The truth isn’t important during a smear campaign, but nevertheless:

Before 9/11, it was mostly the ultra-conservatives who were sucking up to Saddam, the Taliban and the Islamic fundamentalists. These two groups of true believers hated (and still do hate) many of the same people: feminists, homosexuals, atheists, liberals, secularists, modernists, progressives, socialists, cynics, and the press. They both believe that there should be no sex outside of marriage, that the husband and father should be the Lord and Master, and that the Holy Book is infallible.

Awhile back I collected a bunch of examples of Republican Islamofascist-symps: Ronald Reagan, Sen. Simpson of Wyoming, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Grover Norquist, Dana Rohrenbacher, the whole Bush family, Justice Scalia, William Bennett, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Daniel Pipes, Jude Wanninski, and John Sununu. Examples are of all different kinds: endorsements, alliances, business relationships, lobbying, and agreements in principle. Some examples are stronger than the others, but there’s a ton of dirt there.

There’s a pretty hefty contingent of liberal Democrats who have never at any time played ball with the Islamofascists, but we should just forget that, just as we should forget past Republican hanky-panky. Because now, anyone who fails to completely support Bush’s plans for war is a traitor and an Islamofascist. Don’t you see?

The interesting and painful thing for me is going to be watching formerly-respected individuals disgrace themselves by falling in with the smear. Somebody should keep track.