Right-Wing Propaganda

Right-wingers are promoting this video. It’s funny, you wouldn’t think they would want to broadcast the consequences of Bush policies like this, but here we are:

Actually this is page two of the tax cut strategy. Page one was to defund the government. Page two is to then complain about government spending when the government isn’t bringing in enough money because the rich aren’t paying their share of taxes. But they word it as spending too much on the citizens.
By the way, when do we cut the military budget down to size? We spend WAY more than every other country on the plant COMBINED! Somehow I don’t think that is the spending they are talking about.
Dod you ever hear a right-winger complain about spending and debt when Bush was President? No, they just voted for more spending and less taxes, over and over and over. Bush never one vetoed a spending bill.
But NOW it is a problem all of a sudden? The absolute hypocrites. IOKIYAR.