Right-Wing Lies That Will Not Die

At Left I on the News, The “memogate” lie that will not die,

The assertion that Dan Rather was using “forged documents” is one of those lies that will not die. The fact is that CBS was unable to prove the authenticity of the documents; that is far from proof that they were forged (not to mention that the content of the memos was not only never seriously challenged, but indeed corroborated by other evidence).

I was listening to Rush this morning, talking about how President Clinton gave missile secrets to the Chinese in exchange for campaign donations. Just a lie, but repeated and repeated and repeated. It is another strategic lie, taking the audience where the Right wants them.

Update, here’s the transcript of Rush today:

In the case of the ChiComs, here’s what the caller was talking about. This little Clinton administration history for you. There’s a company called Loral Space out there, and it’s headed up by — I forget its name, but a huge, big-time Clinton donor; the kind of guy that would get a puff piece as a donor in the Washington Post as a bunch of Hillary donors got yesterday. All right? So this guy is involved in space technology, his company Loral is. Now, before the questionable deal came along, the state department dealt with the process of granting waivers to US companies to help companies or foreign governments that were not totally friendly with us. The Clinton people came in and took that away from the state department.
Well, I know why, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. They control that, too. They gave it the commerce. They switched that to the commerce department where good old Ron Brown was installed as the secretary, and bammo! The Chinese, the ChiComs, could not put a missile in orbit. They could launch it but they couldn’t figure out how to get it to orbit. It would go up there and come down. Well, guess who fixed it? Loral Space! Loral Space sent some people over there after one of these crashes of a rocket that failed to secure orbit, examine the wreckage, and taught them about gyros and whatever is necessary, and now it is said that the ChiComs can actually put an intercontinental ballistic missile of some significant range that might hit close to the US left coast if they launched at us.

Lies, repeated and repeated…

2 thoughts on “Right-Wing Lies That Will Not Die

  1. Thanks for linking to this, Dave! Lefti on the News is my first stop every day – as for Seeing the Forest: I visit that every day as well!

  2. Hey Dave, name a single lie of theirs that ever died.
    I was trying to remember how Paula Jones did so well for herself so I did the google images to see lots of her nekkidness and read about how “the” makeover guru helped her with her image but I never got to who paid for all the plastic surgery and I thought she might have married some Republican consultant although I didn’t find that either.
    What I did get was a very clear rememberance of how she was able to bring a civil suit against a sitting president who kept the world from falling apart despite his obsession with Al Quaida and their obsession with inflicting heavy damage on America and our properties.
    It was a different world although it is not as different as the post I read today where the writer stated that Clinton raped Betty Broderick.
    Betty Broderick is still in prison for killing her ex husband and his new wife. She didn’t have anything to do with President Clinton nor he her.

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