Right-Wing Focus Group Guy Has Advice for Dems

Daily Kos: Luntz focus group tests the early 2008 Dem field,

1. Don’t feel my pain – give me something to alleviate it. Democrats don’t want to be told what’s wrong with America. They want to be told what you plan to do about it. They’re not looking for the diagnosis – they know what ails them. They want the cure. The candidate most focused on “solutions” will have the advantage.

Go read. Interesting.

4 thoughts on “Right-Wing Focus Group Guy Has Advice for Dems

  1. Interesting?
    Sounds like a DLC memo. The main message seems to be “be sure to lose”. Like the dems needed to hear that. They have that nailed already.

  2. Actually there’s something profoundly Freudian going on. The Repugs get into office, make their usual horrible mess, traditionally of the economy but this time added a war, the Dems get back into office and self-righteously clean up the mess, the Repugs get back in again. Isn’t this all too much like a disfunctional parent-child relationship? The dirty little kids poop and smear shit, the parents clean it up? For God’s sake, Bush even said that the “next president” gets to clean up the Iraq mess!
    It’s time to break this cycle, so please think about this. Look at it for what it really is. Clinton not only straightened out the economic mess left by 12 years of Republican rule but actually left a surplus and was starting to pay off the national debt, while the Repugs kicked and screamed like nasty little kids about what a monster he was. So there was just enough money in the kitty for Bush to start an unnecessary war and wreck the economy again. We can’t afford to keep repeating this pattern.

  3. Frank has good advice here. Liberals seem to hate Frank Luntz because he mostly works for the other side. But he’s right, and he knows how to win elections. And he’s not a Republican hack. He’s a mercenary. And he’s reaching out to our side. What does this mean? A good mercenary picks the winning side, and Frank is positioning himself to go either way with this statement. Perhaps I’m reading too much into this, but I think Frank Luntz sees the electorate shifting our way and wants part of the action. Maybe we should give him some. We certainly aren’t winning without his advice.

  4. Frank Luntz is an evil genius and we should be listening to him. I read that whole paper he released on these focus groups and each of the anticipated candidates and it’s good stuff. I have long been fascinated wtih the way Frank Luntz thinks. I’ve seen many focus grouops conducted by him on C-Span and read much of his advice to republican candidates. I really think that if the Dems had someone of his caliber in the last two major elections, they could have won the spin war.
    He’s putting out a book later this year that was just given a name “Words That Work : It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear.”
    Looking forward to reading it.

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