Right Going After Obama, Too

Senator Barack Obama might be the Democratic Party candidate for President. So I thought I would take a quick look at some right-wing sites.
Some people feel that Senator Hillary Clinton has been too badly “damaged” by years of hysterical right-wing attacks. Will Senator Obama be similarly damaged? (This is not a pro-Hillary or anti-Obama post so no hate-mail please.)
Here are some of the headlines at right-wing site WorldNetDaily:
Obama campaign: Mum’s the word!
Refuses to respond to drug accusations
WorldNetDaily Exclusive: Sleaze charge: ‘I took drugs, had homo sex with Obama’
Minnesota man takes his case to court, YouTube, $100,000 polygraph challenge
WND POLL: Barack, paper, scissors
What do you think of WND being only news agency publishing Obama drug-sex story?
Obama, Clinton trade plagiarism snipes
Barack says he usually gives credit when quoting people, using ideas
Hillary aide accuses Obama of plagiarism
‘He’s breaking his promises and his rhetoric isn’t his own’
Obama responds to plagiarism charge
‘I really don’t think this is too big of a deal’
Obama faces open season from right if nominated
Barack’s relationship with Chicago developer Tony Rezko could prove costly
And a quick look at a few other places:
Human Events: Che Guevara and the Obama Campaign
Associating with communist murderer Che Guevara says a lot about the Obama campaign.
RedState: To the left of Hillary