Richard Dreyfuss: "you can only learn from your bleeps and move on."

[Ashcroftism at work. Bleepin’ bleep of a bleep. -Thomas]

PBS watches its mouth rather than pay big fines. Now it’s up to the

other networks to fight the FCC.

by Tim Goodmanm,


Because of this, a new drama called “Cop Shop” starring Richard Dreyfuss

and other actors who made a sort of creative labor of love on the cheap

for public broadcasting, has been edited to avoid the potential wrath of

the FCC. The cuts prompted executive producer and writer David Black

and Dreyfuss to whip out prepared statements before facing the nation’s TV

critics here on Friday.

“Ladies and gentlemen, ‘Cop Shop’ was never meant to be bleeped,” said

Dreyfuss, reading from his prepared statement, via satellite from New

York where he’s appearing on Broadway. “David and I agreed to be bleeped

because we were told that KCET, our greatly appreciated allies in this

affair, could be subject to intimidating fines in the hundreds of

thousands of dollars. … And so, more reluctantly than I can describe,

we agreed to be bleeped. But being bleeped is more than it is cracked

up to be. Having now been bleeped, I can only say that it doesn’t feel

very good. It feels kind of dirty. But you can never be unbleeped, so you can

only learn from your bleeps and move on.”


Thomas Leavitt