Reward the Heroes

If you don’t know about, I recommend you go take a look and sign up for their action updates.

They sent a message out yesterday, “Reward the Heroes,” asking us to donate some campaign cash to the candidates in tight races who went ahead and voted against Bush because it was the right thing to do. Here’s a bit of yesterday’s letter:

“As strategists look back at this election over the years to come, either they’ll say, “President Bush manufactured a war and won at the polls” or they’ll say, “President Bush manufactured a war and lost at the polls.” Your gift today can make the difference.”

Well, today they sent another message out. Here’s a piece of it:

Good news: in just 24 hours, ten thousand of us have given more than $400,000 for our four heroes in Congress. That’s $180,000 to Senator Wellstone’s campaign alone. The campaigns are ecstatic. One campaign manager said, “You have no idea what this means to us.”

These candidates did the right thing, did the right thing, now you do the right thing. Get your credit card out and click here.