Reward the Heroes, Still Not in the News is up to $1,250,000 in three days. This is just phenomenal! It’s worth putting their whole letter up:

Dear MoveOn member,

Amazing. You blew away all our goals with an incredible $1,250,000 raised in three days, from more than 30,000 individual donations. You’ve really made a difference for these candidates, and you’ve sent an important message to politicians and pundits.

We raised more than $560,000 for Senator Wellstone, and the campaign’s ecstatic. But believe it or not, it’s not all about money. The Wellstone campaign believes that in the end the decisive factor will be people on the ground.

Today’s recommended action is to get out and help.

Here’s a note from the Wellstone campaign:

“When you ask people to help at the end of the campaign, you should mention that our goal is to have 10,000 volunteers who spend all day on Election Day in a get out the vote effort. These people will be making phone calls, knocking on doors, driving people to the polls, and dropping iterature, all over the state. This race has been a dead heat in the polls from the very beginning, and will remain so until the end. Our grass roots army will be the decisive factor in Paul’s victory.” (if you can help in Minnesota, see the campaign contact info below)

Volunteer for a campaign. Now.


Reason #19 — We can’t let money in politics win.

We need each of you to be part of the political process and wrest it back from big money and professional politicians. Many folks have given up, and that’s exactly why big money has taken over. Believe me, there’s a real vacuum of power in the political parties, because they now turn around and find that the meeting halls are empty, that real people have deserted them. With campaign finance reform, they’ll have to find another way. Now is the time to take the parties back for real people.

Ideally you will help with a local swing race, where the impact of your efforts will be magnified a thousand times. We’ve included a list of tight congressional races and other volunteering resources below.

But even if you can’t find a local swing race, get out and work. Work for a great candidate running for dog catcher, if that’s the best race in town. Call or email their campaign today. Take back your party.

Let us know how you intend to volunteer this election. We’d really like to know how people are making a difference.

Go to: (Oops, had my personal info in it…) Try here:

Thanks for everything. The countdown continues,

-Wes, Eli, Joan, Peter, Doug and Carrie

for PAC

October 16, 2002