Responsibility? None

A right-wing radio host calls for assassinating members of Congress and overthrowing the government. A right-wing “news” site reprints his instructions for how to accomplish it – claiming to disapprove. Right-wing Drudge Report sends its readers to the website.
See WorldNetDaily: Assassinate half of Congress, urges Web-radio hatemonger
How about NOT helping him spread the word?
Note – I don’t consider the readers of Seeing the Forest as possible candidates for recriotent into this. But maybe I’m also not being responsible by repeating this here. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Responsibility? None

  1. The scary thing is that, as far as the complaints listed at WND go, I’m in nearly complete agreement (except for limiting campaign finance).
    I’m not at the point where I’d start thinking about assassination, though. And I don’t share his racist views either.

  2. If anyone’s planning something like this, it’s a good idea to get the word out as far and loud as possible so those likely to be killed have a chance to prevent it. Just having everyone aware of it is a pretty good preventive, too. People will be alert, and anyone trying it would be more likely to be caught.

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