Responding to the Right’s Machine

I wrote a diary entry at DailyKos titled, Responding to the Right’s Machine. Excerpts,

This infrastructure of organizations does almost everything for the Republican Party. I’ll go as far as to say that this “infrastructure” of organizations IS the Republican party now. It provides education and training, issue research, message development, constant outreach to the general public, materials and talking points for candidates and media pundits, and other services too numerous to put in this short post. One key feature I would like to point out is that they employ thousands of well-paid political operatives, which all by itself gives them an advantage.

[. . .] The Right talks to the general public, pushing their UNDERLYING ideology, and only then tying specific issues to it. Progressives need to learn to do this as well.

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Update – changed from MyDD to DailyKos after MyDD elevated the diary to the front page.