Respect for the Flag

For some unknown reason, no matter how I tried to post this as a comment to Dave’s blog, it wouldn’t post. So I’m posting it separately because I think this is important:
When I was growing up I was taught in civics class that the flag should not be flown at night or in the rain. EVERY flag was taken down at sunset and put up again in the morning. The military, police, etc. did this with great ceremony. This was really very nice, but I guess everyone just got too busy to keep it up. I still consider it complete disrespect when I see the flag flying at night, or bedraggled from always being left out in storms and winter weather — and still not taken down, of course. I still think that if you’re going to display the flag you should do it right and show it some respect, not just use it as an ostentatious display of political viewpoints.
During the 60s and early 70s kids were hauled off to jail, or at least to the police station, with charges of disorderly conduct if they dared wear the flag as part of their clothing. There was an attempt then to pass an amendment about burning the flag, so this is nothing new.
Now I notice that it’s the Republicans who proudly drape themselves in flag clothing, as though to display what good, patriotic God fearing neocons they are. I think it’s even more disrespectful of the flag to use it for this purpose than it is to use it to protest the way the administration is debasing it and us through its un-American policies. The Republicans did not own the flag then, and they don’t own it now.

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  1. I was just telling someone the other day that hippies used to get the crap beat out of them for wearing clothing made out of the flag. They couldn’t believe it.

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