Republicans Whipping Up Racial Hatred

Republicans are working hard to keep their base together. See Democrats Recruiting at Illegal Immigrant Protests.
No one except white Repubicans are real Americans. Non-whites are unthinking groups that all vote the same. Etc… “The Dems have cornered the black voting collective…” “the Hispanic vote…”
Here’s another one, whipping up racial hatred today, MUSLIMS FOR OPEN BORDERS,

Many interesting characters are showing up at the illegal alien demonstrations against immigration enforcement. Black Panthers. A.N.S.W.E.R. agitators. And…America-bashing Muslim activists.

Americans of Hispanic descent are “illegal aliens.” Muslims are “America-bashing.”
But to really see it, go here,

…the illegal immigrants whose rudeness and disregard for anti-littering laws have made it impossible to take my family to Miami Beach for several years, now…

…the illegal immigrant who leeched off of our friend and neighbor for years, not doing a lick of work around the house, until the neighbor finally became so fed up that she moved out of state…
…the illegal immigrants whose children have made several of our public schools so dangerous and disorderly…
…the illegal immigrants who dump trash all over our neighborhood park every weekend…

Disgusting, but typical.
UpdateMahablog sees it.
Update II – And Digby, writing at firedoglake, explains the origins.

12 thoughts on “Republicans Whipping Up Racial Hatred

  1. I sure hope Democrats are recruiting. Along with African Americans, current immigrants are the future of the Democratic party. They are the workers, not the fat cats. They are the people who need the government to create a level playing field.
    Recruit, recruit, recruit.

  2. I sure hope that democratic “strategists” are taking ALOT of high quality video and documenting the bigotry from the Republican spinners right now. These are perfect commercials to be run on Univision and Telemundo come September thru November for folks to get out and vote a straight Democratic ticket and make sure that ALL of their relatives get to the polls.
    Main message: “The Republicans have been using you! They’re not even real christians! They tried to treat you as badly as they did the gays last year! You’re smarter than that! Let’s not let them get away with it! Voting Democratic keeps hispanic families together!” (en espanol, of course…)
    Let’s hope the (worthless piece-o-shit advisors are even paying attention.) These are people who often don’t show up in polling data. Often there are many families to an address and they don’t speak english when the pollster calls them.

  3. Uh Oh… Major parentheses error above. Should be (worthless piece-o-shit) advisors…

  4. Non-whites are unthinking groups that all vote the same.
    Actually, most Republican leaders spend a great deal of time on “outreach” to various ethnic groups in an attempt to break the stranglehold that the Dems have on those groups.
    It’s the Dems that think that those ethnic groups are “theirs”, and I could spend all day presenting examples of how the Dems attempt to hold on to what’s “theirs”. (And, since misunderstanding things seems easy around here, “theirs” is in quotes to represent the way that most non-Dems perceive the Dems’ thinking.)
    As for the marches, they’re marching against HR4437, a bill that only deals with illegal aliens.
    HR4437 doesn’t deal with legal immigrants.
    So, those marching are either illegal aliens themselves, or they support giving citizenship rights to illegal aliens.
    And, the countless heavily-biased news reports on these marches have featured countless sympathetic illegal aliens who are identified as such.
    In fact, many or most of those marching are citizens of other countries, and anyone who supports these marches is supporting foreign citizens marching in our streets and making a show of force in order to make us capitulate to their demands.

  5. BigMediaBlog-
    You are SO wrong! Many (if not most) of those people protesting are LEGAL residents and MANY are FULL-FLEDGE-Citizens. They are outraged because certain members of the new-KKK wing of the Republican party think that they can use these people and break up families as a wedge issue. They are much smarter than you give them credit for. You are pathetic. So many of these people have one or two family members (out of dozens) who are here illegally because there is just no way to sustain a living in their country post-NAFTA anymore. Earning $5 a day after massive inflation is no way to raise a family. They don’t have much choice. A smart candidate for office would be saying right now that they support revisiting NAFTA to ensure that wage/health/safety standards for employees are strictly enforced to continue the agreement. The corporate/executive culture south of our border is 100 times greedier/sleezier than ours is, if you could even try to imagine that possibility.
    Wake up. Calling good conservative christians FELLONS for just trying to keep their families together and fed is disgracesful. That needs to be the Democratic position. The Republicans (like you) use good people and turn them against each other. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. We are all waking up now.

  6. Damn! Maybe I should be a political consultant. Just re-reading my stuff above, I think I might be on to something. Think about it everybody. No, I am not stroking my ego. These protests, along with discussions about it all with good friends who happen to be hispanic, have given me a new view of the illegal immigration “debate.” I put that in quotes because I haven’t seen a legitimate national “debate” on any politcal issue in this country in probably 6 years.

  7. Well Dem leaders CAN’T think Black and Hispanic people are a “they” because so many Dem leaders are Black and Hispanic. As contrasted with the Republicans who are all white (and all avoided military service.) They are OURS, not some “they.”
    A comment on the marchers. The Republicans are trying to make people’s parents FELONS. So OF COURSE there are so many CITZENS marching, along with non-citizens. These are people whose relatives, friends, neighbors are threatened with FELONIES!!!
    But the marchers are also well aware this is a racist appeal to the Republican base, and they aren’t having it.

  8. Dave-
    You got it. We need to be advertising to the hispanic population during their nightly news – hell all of the time, but especially during their nightly news. Did you know that their top nightly news guy – Jorge something or other, gets way higher viewership than ALL of our nightly newscasts COMBINED? I wish I could recell his name because he really is a celebrity and also writes nice books on how american politicians can deal with his followers… Anyhoo, these ads are the best money spent in a smart democrat’s advertising budget. These folks pay attention to messages about breaking up families and that is exactly what the KKK-Republicans want to do. That is unacceptable.

  9. I, as a Democrat will not send your Grandpa or your Grandma to prison because their skin happens to be brown and their country is something other than the US of A. They picked lettuce alongside Cesar Chavez and worked their asses off… The American way, right? Because they are not truly US citizens, they are not entitled to ANY public benefits – and they are fine with that even though they did pay the taxes for those benefits while working. Now their lives are focused on caring for their precious grandchildren, making sure that they learn the “language of opportunity” – ENGLISH. And of course, make sure that their grandkids eat properly and don’t get involved with any bad influences (like gangs) while mommy and daddy are off hard at work making sure that whitey has a clean hotel room and car… or a nice garden and a clean pool. Oh my god, these people deserve to be treated like human beings, don’t you think?

  10. This is not just a Republican vs. Democratic issue, and the fact that there are citizens in these marches because their parents could be made felons proves it. They’re citizens because they were born and grew up here, a pretty good indication of how long their parents have been here illegally. We’ve refused to face this situation with anything but hypocrisy for generations.
    We’ve ignored the issue so we could exploit illegal workers. The fact they are here illegally is what has made them easy to exploit. Not all bigots are Republicans, by the way. Not all concern about the downside of this situation is bigotry, either. Open borders have not only allowed good hard working people to enter, but smugglers, drug dealers, dealers in human flesh who import prostitutes kept here as slaves (of both sexes, by the way) and/or literally sell sweatshop workers into slavery, and very dangerous international gangs. Has it been worth the risk? I’ll leave that as an open question.

  11. Correction. These Republicans, the 35% that worship Bush, do not just hate non-whites, they hate all colors. Gays (LGBT) come in every color and are in every country in the world. They hate gays even more than they do immigrants. So these hate-mongers may fit the following criteria: white, well-to-do, christian, bigots, hypocrites, liars, crooks, vote cheaters, lilly-white suburbanites, rednecks, myopic, Jesus hating and use only white sheets.

  12. BigMediaBlog-
    As I poor white working woman, I have to ask you tell me exactly which Republican positions give me or any immigrant a fighting chance at fairness?
    What kind of outreach works best with groups who are smothered by your economic policies?

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