Republicans Using Christians, Encouraging Cultism

There’s a great post on how things work inside of the cults, and how The Party is using them.

Yes, I used the word “cults.” Question: Is the Republican Party encouraging cult-like characteristics among their followers — especially the Christians who support The Party? From Cult Formation by Robert Jay Lifton, M.D., 1981:

“Certain psychological themes which recur in these various historical contexts also arise in the study of cults. Cults can be identified by three characteristics:

  • a charismatic leader who increasingly becomes an object of worship as the general principles that may have originally sustained the group lose their power;
  • a process I call coercive persuasion or thought reform;
  • economic, sexual, and other exploitation of group members by the leader and the ruling coterie. “
  • Some questions to discuss:

    Do the Republicans encourage an authoritarian heirarchy?

    Are they accepting and encouraging encouraging deception among members as a tool toward achieving their goals?

    Are they demanding purity, with loyalty tests?

    Are they encouraging isolation from outside sources of information?

    Do they operate with secrecy?

    Do they encourage the feeling among their followers that the world is against them?

    What about the feeling that there is a near-supernatural “enemy” as an explanation for failures of the cult leadership?

    There is a good checklist of characteristics of cults here. More good stuff here.

    To be clear, I am asking these questions about the current, far-right-wing controlled Party, the one that is purging itself of moderates like PA Senator Arlen Spector because he does not exhibit sufficient ideological purity and loyalty.