Republicans Like Alito BECAUSE It Sets Americans Against Each Other

What criteria are the right-wing blogs using to determine of Alito is a good pick for the Court? They like the choice because it divides the country. If the Americans who they perceive to be on the “other side” don’t like this choice, that’s good enough for them.

Blogs for Bush

Need more proof that Alito was a good pick? just sent out the following email to its members..

Right Wing News:

Samuel Alito: A Judge Not Recommended By Harry Reid

Confirm Them:

Cry Me a River . . .
As if any more confirmation were needed that Alito is a fabulous pick, this piece reports that — predictably — the Democrats are unhappy about it.


Of course, it is clear that a fight will be waged over this nomination. This fight should be welcomed.

PoliPundit likes the nomination because it will cause a Constitutional crisis:

This is such sweet music:

Republicans said that any attempt to deny Alito a yes-or-no vote would return the Senate to the brink of a showdown that was avoided last spring only when seven lawmakers from each party brokered a compromise. This time, they said they would crush Democratic opposition.

You hear that, Barbara Boxer? CRUSH!
General: “Conan, what is best in life?”
Conan: “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of the women!”

They enjoy being nasty. They want a fight.

3 thoughts on “Republicans Like Alito BECAUSE It Sets Americans Against Each Other

  1. This has been the Republicans’ modus operandi for a long time. They’re happy to divide the country so long as they think they get the bigger half.

  2. It’s hard to believe that anyone would use the Supreme Court to distract from their current problems, but isn’t that exactly what’s happening? Nominate someone for the court who is totally unacceptable to half the country, sit back, and enjoy the uproar, hoping there will be enough noise to bury the Libby disaster in the news. Good move. Pure strategy, plus it plays to the Far Right base.
    That’s not all that’s gonna happen. Today, Bush is going to announce his :”plan” for dealing with avian flu, terrorizing the public with dark threats about a disease that doesn’t even exist among humans yet. Just wait until you see what horrific visions he’s gonna come up with!
    We’ve got to stop dancing to their tune. Everything they do is strategy to keep us off balance. The more we merely react against their actions, the weaker and more demoralized we get. We’ve got to stop falling into this trap! And it is a trap. It’s a highly successful strategy. Unless we can stop our knee-jerk responses, we’re not going to bother to build our own strategies and public policies. That’s what we absolutely have to do, and do right now, or we won’t have a chance in Hell of surviving, much less succeeding.

  3. I think you are missing the point. Republicans don’t like him because he divides the nation. They like him because he’s a strong supporter of judicial restraint (not making laws, merely enforcing them unless they are not constitutional). The fact that liberals don’t like him is merely a bonus. “How can that be a bonus?” you might ask. Here’s how.
    The people of the United States have elected a majority of Republicans to the Senate and House. This at least implies that the majority of us want Republican ideas passed. If you guys had a majority in both houses and the presidency, I would expect you to want the same.
    However, the minority of Democrats in the Senate continue to speak and act as if they are the ones with a majority, and have even proved it on occasion (William Myers and Henry Saad being the latest examples).
    We Republicans welcome the fight for this reason. If our 55 Republican Senators cannot stand up to 45 Democrat Senators and get their laws and nominations passed, then they are worthless to the conservative movement. The fight will simply let conservatives know who needs to be replaced come next election.
    So to say that we want this fight is, well… true. But it really has nothing to do with liberals. We just need to know who’s on our team.

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