Republicans Haven’t Started Yet

Money and turnout is what will win this election. Just ONE Republican group will be putting $20 million into this election. Meanwhile Republican business groups will be getting employees to the polls – and I’m sure they’ll be telling them to vote as if their jobs depend on it.
Outside Groups Shoveling Cash Into Tight Races,

On the right, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce plans to allocate $20 million to help federal candidates and another $20 million for state and local races. The American Medical Association is also a serious player. It recently reported $307,125 spent in support of GOP Rep. Johnson in Connecticut.
The generally pro-Republican Business Industry Political Action Committee has a more elaborate scheme. By using companies’ electronic communications systems, it has delivered 40 million messages to employees urging them to cast their ballots for pro-business candidates. It has also helped a million citizens register to vote and another million apply for early voting forms.