Republicans FINALLY Outline Desired Budget Cuts!

President Bush left behind a $1.4 trillion deficit for his final budget year. Republicans have been clamoring for “spending cuts” to solve the problem, but until now have been silent about what they want cut.
The Republicans today FINALLY outlined just what they want cut, with a project they call “YouCut”.
And just what do they want cut, to solve the $1.4 trillion deficit left behind by Bush? Well, at long last, here it is:
Presidential Election Fund: $260 million in savings
Taxpayer Subsidized Union Activities: $600 million in savings
HUD Program for Doctoral Dissertations: $1 million in savings
New Non-Reformed Welfare Program: $2.5 billion in savings
Eliminate Wealthier Communities from the Community Development Block Grant program: $2.6 billion in savings
There it is. That’s the list.
Can those of you out there who are not math-challenged please chime in and let other readers know what the problem is with this list?
(Hint: the entire list adds up to $5.961 billion. That is .4% of the $1.4 trillion deficit Bush left us with. Not four percent, but point four percent. Four tenths of one percent.)