Republicans Eat Their Own

Vicious tactics are to be expected from Republicans, but here in Oregon they’re using them on each other.

Goli Ameri (a woman) and Tim Phillips are contending for the Republican nomination in Oregon’s First Congressional District. Both are generic business Republicans who make no mention of social issues on their websites. Phillips is the establishment candidate with many significant endorsements.

Ameri is an immigrant from Iran who has had a successful business career here, while Phillips’ mother is an immigrant from India. Both support the Bush administration’s new strictness toward foreign visitors, but in 1998 Ameri protested rather similiar policies by the Clinton administration.

After 9/11 her change of position is hardly surprising, and it’s not at all unusual for a Republican to respond differently to similiar policies coming from Clinton and from Bush. But Phillips has charged that Ameri “put the people of Iran’s interests before those of the American people”, and has succeeded in posting his disloyalty smear on The National Journal‘s “House Race Hotline” (subscription, no link; it may have been taken down by now).

So that’s how they treat each other. It gives us a pretty good idea what kind of civility we can expect from them in the general election. Phillips is getting some Republican flak for his stand right now (look here) but in the fall we can expect the gloves to be off.

Ameri Site

Phillips site

Phillips’ link to “House Race Hotline” at Jan 25., 10 a.m.

My copy of “House Race Hotline” story

(Edited to add “House Race Hotline” links).