Republicans Doing Fake Calls

Raising Kaine :: The Republican Dirty Tricks Have Begun — robo-calls to trick voters. They say they’re from Nancy Pelosi, but the Webb campaign isn’t doing any such calls.

I just heard back from the Webb campaign that they have no robo-calls in the feild, therefore these calls are counterfeit. If you receive one, please record it and contact the Jim Webb for Senate campaign so they can take appropriate action.
Unfortunately the Republican friends of Jerry Kilgore did this sort of thing repeatedly in the ’05 Governor’s race and just paid the fines when they got caught as a cost of doing business. Please be on alert for these dirty tricks and warn your family and friends.

And check out the Republican Dirty Tricks blog.

1 thought on “Republicans Doing Fake Calls

  1. we generally let shit like this just happen, don’t we? “Go ahead, lie cheat steal and kill, see if I care. I got a weight problem I’m dealing with and Charles in Charge is about to come on the TV. I just love that Scott Baio!”
    We demand to be entertained!
    In Mexico and other countries, they wonder why we allow this to continue, they’d be out in the streets. “Not me, man. I can’t arrested, I got a mortgage to pay!”
    Fuck ’em.
    Let the winners have their spoils. The meek shall inherit the earth, right?

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