Republicans Complain That Hawaii Is A State

Republicans are complaining that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is holding a conference in … one of the states in the 9th Circuit. They are complaining because the meeting is being held in Hawaii. In response to pressure from Republicans the Court is cancelling a conference scheduled next year in California.
From Court defies Congress, heads to Hawaiian junket,

This weekend, judges, lawyers and staff of the country’s 9th Circuit Court of Appeals will convene in Maui, Hawaii, for a government-funded conference that they refused to cancel despite pressure from Republican lawmakers who balked at the junket’s $1 million price tag.

Conferences cost money. Judges, staff, speakers, facilities, food, airfare, lodging cost money. It is not known if other Circuit Courts are also being pressured to cancel their conferences in other states as well, like Kansas, Mississippi, New Jersey, etc.