Republicans Call Instrastructure Spending “Extremism”

Just wow. The following are Republican reactions to this Contract for the American Dream video:

This headline is not the Onion, it’s a conservative outlet: Van Jones Forces Innocent Children to Advocate Infrastructure Spending, Oppose Corporate Personhood on YouTube

… cute kids mouth bizarrely sophisticated talking points, including words and phrases they almost certainly don’t understand, such as “infrastructure,” “living wage,” and “tax brackets.”

Go read the horrible, nasty comments left by the readers. The usual batch of “High tech Hitler Youth, imo.” and “Loving Uncle Sam has nothing but the childrens’ best interests at heart. Love The Fatherland.”
And this one. Van Jones and MoveOn.Org team up to brainwash children | Wizbang

We’re dealing with some radical folks here… radicals attempting to hide their extremism behind the smiles of unsuspecting and exploited children.
Sick stuff.
Made sicker when, as Michelle Malkin documents, you understand who it is that Van Jones is teaming with to further his agenda… not just MoveOn.Org as Greyhawk notes, but the Union thugs at SEIU and the AFL-CIO.
Jones’ use of children and his choice of thugs as partners in the carrying out of his ideas seems fitting.
… Leftists today will go to any length to advance the cause to include thuggery and the exploitation of children.
Sick stuff indeed.