Republicans Call Humane Society “Terrorists” — Who’s Next?

Now the HUMANE SOCIETY are “terrorists.” Who’s next, nursing home workers who want to join a union?
Go read Full-page New York Times Ad Calls Humane Society “Terrorists”,

Here’s the gist of the ad: a Humane Society vice president is speaking at a holiday event sponsored by the Humane League. … the Humane League has members from a group “Hugs for Puppies,” and Hugs for Puppies had members from SHAC Philly, and SHAC Philly had members from SHAC USA, and six members of SHAC USA were convicted on “animal enterprise terrorism” charges for running a controversial website.

4 thoughts on “Republicans Call Humane Society “Terrorists” — Who’s Next?

  1. SHAC _are_ terrorists. The best thing the Humane Society (and “Hugs for puppies”, PeTA, etc.) can do is completely disassociate with them and renounce SHAC and its methods.
    SHAC use violence and intimidation to further their goals – firebombing, attacking people with pick-axes, death threats in the mail… they are callous thugs. Read up on them. Do you support them just because their goals align with your own?

  2. For readers who don’t know, there is a funded lobbying campaign to attack those who support humane treatment for animals. The same organization attacks Mother Against Drunk Driving, and attacks people who are trying to do something about obesity. The above comment is likely from a paid troll.

  3. First of all. The CCF is a front group for the tobacco, alcohol, and ag industries. Their main mission is to attack orgs that promote food safety, public health, and animal welfare. They are hardly a source to trust. They’ve even attacked Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for their anti-drunk driving and public health campaigns. They are only worried about their own agendas to make $$$$.
    CCF is the same ol same ol… they constantly go after the HSUS about their work on puppy mills, factory farming, and other big cruelty issues. Yawn. I’m over it.

  4. Hi Dave, I’m a real human being with real opinions that I hold sovereignty over and I really don’t appreciate you calling me a “paid troll”.
    You seem to operate as if anyone who dares disagree with your opinion must be some kind of stooge, part of a giant conspiracy, as if it’s just not possible for a rational person to think any way other than you do. That’s a big insult to me.
    I’ll ask again: do you approve of using terrorism in order to win political goals? Some examples:
    Would it be OK to send death threats to people claiming that you’d kill them if they didn’t vote for Obama? That’s what Robert Moaby did to HLS staff:
    If you found someone didn’t vote your way on a bill, would you detonate a petrol bomb outside their home?
    Read up on animal rights extremism. I already have. You need to. Seriously, do it. Once you do, I hope you too will support careful separation of legitimate protest for animal rights and the terror tactics used by SHAC, ALF, etc.
    Legitimate, peaceful protest needs to be amplified by disassociating it from thugs who use the political position as an umbrella for their malevolent activities.

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