Republicans as Sociopaths

Crooks and Liars says NewsHog: You don’t have to a sociopath to be Republican, but it helps. is the best blog post of 2005.
Of course, it isn’t from Seeing the Forest, so it by definition could not be the best blog post of 2005. Hello!!! But the name of their site DOES say they are Liars. Maybe they were drinking or taking drugs. But, aside from that blatant flaw in their logic, what do you think?

7 thoughts on “Republicans as Sociopaths

  1. The behavior of sociopaths is pervasive through their lives; it is consistent, habitual. Many people whose lives are destroyed or made more difficult by the sociopath (friends and family, business associates) often continue to believe in that person’s “sincerity” , until the bitter end, when they have been literally exhausted by the inconvenience, costs, and sheer disaster which the person has visited upon them.
    Kurt Vonnegut wrote a marvelous essay, a couple of years ago (which I believe is posted on the net somewhere) In the essay, Vonnegut identified the whole Bush Administration, as a collection of sociopaths. Vonnegut called his readers’ attention to a book published in the 1950s called The Mask of Sanity, by Hervey Cleckley, M.D., which presents an analysis of this pathology for the layman, and an extraordinary collection of case histories. My mother had this book in her library; and lately I’ve had the opportunity to read through about half of it. It’s eye-opening to see how the sociopath functions, as well as how well-meaning people in his environment often faciltate his behavior.

  2. Re sociopaths and the present administration: go read ‘Bush on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President’ by Justin A. Frank if you haven’t read it already. Scary stuff!

  3. Hi Dave,
    In all fairness C&L did use the word “possibly”.
    My personal nominee for best post of 2005 would be John Scalzi’s amazing “Being Poor”. It should be required reading for all politicians. The ones that don’t get it are the sociopathic ones.
    Thanks for the link.
    Regards, Cernig @ Newshog

  4. I would go further and say the the 21st century is shaping up to be “The Rise of the Sociopaths”. In both business and politics.

  5. I did a quick search and found The Mask of Sanity on the Psychopath MSN group.
    This is mostly for abuse victims on how to recognize and cope with abusive personality types. But it also applies to the topic at hand. The sections on “Verbal Manipulation” and “Corporate Psychopaths” were interesting. I especially liked “NPs in Government”. A lot of good links in there.

  6. I think on style points alone Cernig’s post was a tour de force. That was an awesome collection of independent links into a unified, coherent and persuasive whole. Cernig confessed this was a first effort at this particular post and requested additional helpful links.
    In that vein and in all humility, I would like to suggest that Cernig work in a link to Christian Fascism Has The Power and perhaps one of your patented STF Rule posts When Republicans Accuse.

  7. Hi Gary,
    Nice to see you outwith the MyDD forum 🙂
    I will be working in some extra links today at some stage (time permitting) and will definitely include your suggestions.
    Thanks, Cernig

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