Republicans and Guns

Through TalkLeft, this: Ex-Bush Aide Fatally Shoots Son, Himself,

A former Bush administration official, after arguing violently with his wife Thursday night, shot and killed his 12-year-old son inside their McLean home, then turned a shotgun on himself and committed suicide, Fairfax County police said.

5 thoughts on “Republicans and Guns

  1. You commie bastard! Without our gun rights, how can we protect our families against gun-toting murderers?

  2. Well, if you’ve gotta have guns around the house, things happen. I’ll bet there weren’t even any hunters in that family.
    But if you’re going to murder your family and kill yourself, that’s hard to do without a gun. Is that a right worth preserving?

  3. I’m going to be in trouble no doubt.But…I grew up in a household with no guns.Have had to learn to live within a household that has lots of them So,I’m thinking that maybe I can give you all the benifit of my experience with guns.To this day I will not have anything to do with the guns in our household.A good share of that comes from,if I don’t know how to use them,I don’t ever have to shoot anyone.So…one day had a rabid skunk in the yard,turning in circles in the middle of the day and had to call a neighbor to take care of said skunk.So sometimes the gun might be handy.And how to use it cuz, I was a bit embarrased.The person that does know how was not home and I had to call someone else.The story above just didn’t bring to my mind anything that would make a difference.If someone is that hell bent on destroying their own, then they can think of another way.A knife comes to mind.One way or the other I’m not really believing that a gun in the house would make that much difference.The reason is anger.If someone gets that angry they would grab a gun or they would grab a knife.They would grab something because it must be about anger,not about the gun.The anger would be the motivating reason behind killing your own.For over 30 years I’ve lived in a household with guns.Never felt threated by any of them even once.When asked if I wanted to learn how to use them I declined.No I didn’t.To this day I haven’t wanted to learn anything about them.Don’t like them much.But, have never ever felt threated by them in a gun cabinet as everyone here is careful and I know that.They are empty and the ammunition isn’t kept with the guns themselves.All the safety nets are in place.We can go around hiding from guns if we want to.But believe me if there is ever any serious threat against guns I seriously believe it will be just like prohibition,the guns will go underground.It is a basic right.I do know that living where I do is not the same as where MJ lives and that is maybe the problem.We can’t all come at this question from the same place.So I’ve always thought that the gun control thing goes way overbaoard and loses a lot of people cuz you don’t want to threaten hunters with their guns.Not a good thing to do.I know people that base their vote on the dumb old they’ll take away my guns thing.It’s nuts.But they do.I live with the guns and the hunter and I am pleased to say, no one in this gun toteing household ever based a vote on that yet.But I do think that we are exceptions to the rule.So,I thought I would make this clear.Maybe only added to the confusion.Yes, that right is worth preserving.To a lot of people that right is very much worth preserving.

  4. Actually there’s a simple way to preserve the constitutional right to bear arms while getting the situation under better control. Legal regulation. Teach gun safety in the schools as a required course, so everyone knows the do’s and don’ts. Then register and license the guns, only to those with a passing grade in that gun safety class, and only above a certain legal age. That’s what we do about cars and driving, isn’t it? Why not do it with guns?
    I realize that’s not perfect either. People drive drunk and drive after their licenses are revoked and kill people doing it, but at least it would bring some kind of order and rationality to the situation to stop treating guns as though they’re sacred religious objects and teach people who want them safe ways to have them around. There are far too many accidents when kids get hold of them because they’ve been improperly stored.
    My father always had guns, by the way. I learned how to shoot as a kid, and my nickname was “Dead-Eye” for years. In fact I was so good at it that I lost my first true love that way. Not by shooting him, but by out-shooting him. He was state champion and didn’t like that at all.

  5. Well every thing you just said MJ is already required here.No one can carry and shoot a gun without the proper gun safety course or the military.Our guns have to be registered, you can’t buy a gun without doing that.Not legally anyway.Will not say that that doesn’t happen but that was my point.That is just so hard to control.Guns do get stolen.I’m all for a gun safe and would prefer that here.Have pushed for it but is several thousand dollars.But I’ll keep pushing.I personally would feel better about it.
    Loved your story.I really did.Made me smile.Maybe I’ll have to rethink the learning to shoot thing.My husband is an ex MP.He maybe could teach me to do that yet.Next rabid skunk in my yard,well I’d probably call the neighbor again.But,its a thought.

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