Republicans Accuse Dems Of Being “Far Left”

From the Republican Party website, RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman Statement On The Partisan Attack On Karl Rove:

“It’s disappointing that once again, so many Democrat leaders are taking their political cues from the far-left, Moveon wing of the party. The bottom line is Karl Rove was discouraging a reporter from writing a false story based on a false premise and the Democrats are engaging in blatant partisan political attacks.” -RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman

What’s the STF Rule? When Republicans accuse it usually means they’re doing whatever it is they are accusing others of. Here they are accusing the other party of being in the hands of political extremists.
And, by the way, this is Dean’s counterpart saying stuff like this about the opposition. Where is the outrage?
Finally, look at the rest of the stuff on the page – attacks on Joe Wilson!

8 thoughts on “Republicans Accuse Dems Of Being “Far Left”

  1. So what?
    Far left is far from extremist. what they call far left is practically the center.
    We need to learn to say thank-you for the compliment.

  2. The Dems have to take off those kid gloves – really, Dave! Another case of projection on the part of the RNC ..

  3. Dave, you might note the ECHO CHAMBER republican talking points regarding Joe Wilson we are now seeing on ALL the news shows. They are seeking to discredit him BIG TIME. Goal is to smear/discredit him AGAIN. Look at these transcripts:
    DEBORAH ORIN, WASHINGTON BUREAU CHIEF, “THE NEW YORK POST”: Well, we know that Karl Rove was a source. We don’t know if he was the source. And you can certainly say, looking at what has come out so far, you could argue that it is pretty clear that Karl Rove wasn’t trying to get even with Joe Wilson. He was trying to make it clear that Joe Wilson couldn’t be trusted.
    … This is not a new Watergate. What has come out pretty clearly so far, I think, is—there is an issue of whether Karl Rove told the truth and the whole truth. But what’s more important is, it is clear that Joe Wilson didn’t tell the truth. We have a bipartisan Senate Intelligence Committee report that says, on virtually every point that Joe Wilson made, starting from denying his wife had him sent on the trip, which turns out to be not true. She did. And to claiming that he found that there was no ties with Iraq and that he reported that, which he did not report. He reported, if anything, the opposite.
    To claiming that he reported there were forged documents, which was not true, because he never even saw the documents. So, Joe Wilson’s credibility is seriously in question. And what we now see is, what Karl Rove appears to have been doing was to be pointing out to “TIME” magazine that Joe Wilson could not be trusted, rather than trying to get even with Joe Wilson. And it is sort of fascinating, because, you know, for a year, the press reported Joe Wilson’s charges. And then, when the Senate Intelligence Committee said they were all false, it didn’t.
    MONICA CROWLEY: Well, it doesn’t involve a matter of national security. The conversation that Karl Rove had with Matthew Cooper of “TIME” magazine, this was sort of an off-the-cuff comment at the end of a long conversation about other issues that they had been talking about. And what Rove was trying to do in the course of this conversation was point out that Joseph Wilson’s credibility was in question. This is a man who had been highly dishonest with the Senate Intelligence Committee. And that is what he was trying to call attention to, not to that the fact that his wife, who he did not name by name, was working for the CIA. And, also, you know, if this were a big secret, the CIA wouldn’t have given Bob Novak the OK to put her name in print.
    and more:
    CARLSON: Here you have Joe Wilson go to Niger to look into allegations that Saddam is seeking to buy uranium from Niger. Joe Wilson isn’t an expert in nuclear weapons or in their acquisition by rogue states. Why did the CIA send him? He was the wrong guy…
    CROWLEY: Because his wife recommended him and he lied about that.
    MADDOW: But wait a minute, though.
    CROWLEY: He was not qualified for it. And when he came back, he said his results were inconclusive, that Saddam Hussein had tried to get uranium from Africa. And then he ended up lying about that, too.
    CARLSON: By any interpretation. It was merely a way, I believe, to answer the question, why were they sending this guy, Joe Wilson, there? Well, because his wife set him up. It’s a sinecure. She threw him the job. Now, that may be a mean thing to say, but it’s very different than trying to out her as an agent…
    CROWLEY: And, also, also, Rove’s quote to Cooper was, “She works for the agency.” There was no identification there that she had been a covert agent or in any way imperiling national security.
    MADDOW: But she was. And they leaked her name to cast out on Joseph Wilson’s trip to Niger.
    CARLSON: Yes. That’s right.
    MADDOW: All of which was borne out to be true.
    CROWLEY: Which he then in turn lied about to the Senate Intelligence Committee.
    MADDOW: Everything Joe Wilson said turned out to be true.
    CROWLEY: No, false.

  4. Even if Joe Wilson is a three headed toad with orange spots who spits green pea soup…so what? What does that have to do with Rove outing a covert CIA operative?
    Rove either outed her or he didn’t. Wilson is irrelevant unless he was holding a gun to Rove’s head and forcing him to out his own wife.

  5. There was a Republican Congressman on Scarborough Country last night saying that Rove was actually a hero for exposing what a fraud and a liar Wilson was. Unbelievable. Even Joe was incredulous, he kept saying to the guy that if this was Clinton and his top adviser they would be all over it and there was no excuse for outing an agent for political gain but the guy wouldn’t budge an inch.

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