Republican Party Hired To Sell Product For Oil Companies

The Republican Party’s hiring itself out to the oil industry for this coordinated “Drill Now” campaign reminds me of an old joke. (I’ll shorten it.)
Kentucky Fried Chicken comes to the Pope and says, “We’ll give you $500,000 a year to change the Lord’s Prayer to ‘give us this day our daily fried chicken’.” The Pope says, “No way.” Then they offer $1 million. The Pope gives a long spiel about this is a sacred prayer, from God, etc. They give their final offer: $10 million a year.
The next day the Pope meets with his Cardinals and says, “The good news is I have brought us $10 million a year.”
The bad news is I lost the Wonder Bread account.
The other day I wrote,

This is a political party involving itself in a corporate product marketing campaign, for money. This “drill now” campaign is funded by oil companies, and is about giving them even more special government favors. It isn’t a lot different from changing a stadium’s name to “Enron Stadium” or Pac Bell park” etc.
This political campaign is in conjunction with an oil industry PR campaign to try to get the government to hand them even more drilling leases than the millions of acres they already have (and sit on without drilling). It came just as oil prices peaked and suggests that oil prices peaked in order to prime the public for this campaign.

Your modern Republicans — A political party reduced to hiring itself out to sell product!

1 thought on “Republican Party Hired To Sell Product For Oil Companies

  1. never put anything past the brainiacs in the GOP — they get to set their agenda and make money at the same time
    and of course ruin the planet, but then again they have been doing that so well since 1968

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