Republican Opposition To Unions

A quick thought about Republican opposition to unions. I keep reading that Republicans are “ideologically” opposed to unions.
Republicans are opposed to unions because they are paid to oppose unions. Is this really “ideology?”
If they oppose unions because they believe America should be ruled by a few wealthy people, and that democracy is a bad thing, that is an ideology. In my opinion, if they oppose unions because those wealthy people pay them to work to destroy people’s ability to fight corporate power, that isn’t ideology, that’s opportunism.

1 thought on “Republican Opposition To Unions

  1. Bingo.
    Some seem to be ok with the Wealthy using corporations to pool resources in an effort to shore up and expand power. But the idea of working folks using unions to pool their respective resources to improve their lives well that seems unacceptable to the GOP and their backers.
    That can only be due to blatant economic and political opportunism.

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